Addo Historic Meditari: A Nostalgic Recollection of Historical Moments!

Underground Canal

Undergrond Canal.

A massive 47 miles of underground canals were constructed.

The Duke of Bridgewater.
Clammerclough Tunnel

Clammerclough Tunnel.

Old Steam Vent Shaft, Farnworth

Approximately 280m long, constructed in 1838.
Burnden Park

Burnden Park.

Wednesday 9th March 1946

33 fans were crushed to death and further 400 injured.


I try to create a unique and prosperous view into our history.

I am not talking about the Germans etc, but a look at historic events that took place right here in the North-West, a view of moments we will never forget and some that way may wish we could.

My Work:

History has always been interesting for me, I find that trying to understand the past is a fascinating way to spend many hours, digging around in library archives, talking to many people via many different information streams and even getting out there into the urban areas to actually see for myself and to return with stories and photographs of my journey back through time.

Feel free to look through my articles. If you have any questions, please Contact Me

Massarti, The Lion Tamer

Man Killed By Lion, Bolton Town Center

Massarti, The Lion Tamer.

On The Evening of Wednesday, 3 January 1872, Thomas Macarte gave his last performance as Massarti the Lion Tamer in front of a horrified crowd of about 500 people at the Manders’s Menagerie in the Bolton marketplace in Lancashire.

The menagerie had been in town since Friday, December 29 and Thomas Macarte had been one of the star attractions since he had joined Mander’s after the death of the famous lion tamer Maccomo the previous January.

Macarte, who was never at ease when performing, had left home at about two o’clock in the afternoon that day and failed to return for his tea, according to his wife who testified at the inquest

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The Top Storey Club

1962 Fire Kills 19 People.

The Top Storey Club Fire.

May 1st 1961 was a Monday. This was fortunate, because it meant that by 10.30 p.m. there were “only” 24 people in the club. In the three months of its existence, it was not unusual for the Top Story Club to have more than 200 people in the premises, particularly on a Saturday evening.

The club was popular, part of its attraction being the tortuous route from the front door on Crown Street up to the second floor where, after passing through a commercial property occupied by the Harker and Howarth Piano Workshop on the ground floor and its store rooms on the first floor, visitors would emerge abruptly into a plush nightclub environment on the second, top, floor.

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Local Earth Quake.

Thursday 12th September 1957.

Fylde Street Disaster.

Suddenly and without warning at 7:10am the earth started to quake at Flyde Street, a hole appeared in the road which slowly grew throughout the day......

By tea time the hole and grown to a massive 40m long, 4m wide and 6m deep, affecting an area of 75 meters roughly in the shape of a semi-circle from the where the hole first appeared.

Being a built up street, shops and houses collapsed into the hole and many others in the immediate varsity where badly damaged, in total 19 houses collapsed and a further 121 houses were badly damaged.

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Sheila Fox, 6yrs.

Unsolved Murder, 1944.

Shelia Fox, Unsolved Murder.

It was Friday afternoon and that brought the prospect of two days playing out with her New Bury mates, two days of hide-and-seek and skipping.

As Sheila planned her weekend fun and games, so the country's leaders were putting the preparations together for the final push that would win the Second World War.

But Sheila Fox would never celebrate the repatriation of France and demise of the German forces, however, she would never taste the jelly and sandwiches served at street parties around the town, as residents later celebrated the end of the war.

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Bolton's History Timeline:

Recently I have been working on a historical timeline of Bolton's History..

Upon starting the timeline I very quickly realised that I had opened up a bigger box than I could of ever expected, dating back to 1251.

Please click the link below to view the timeline:

Bolton's Timeline

Historical Events

The Night Death Came To Bolton

A TRAGIC tale of one family’s loss during World War One was endured much closer to home than the muddy trenches of Northern France.

The Irwin family’s suffering was right here in Bolton when a bomb fell in the night, killing 13 people and destroying six homes.
Winter Hill Plane Crash

On 27 February 1958, a Silver City Bristol 170 Freighter (G-AICS) travelling from the Isle of Man to Manchester crashed into Winter Hill (also known as Rivington Moor) several hundred yards away from the mast. 35 people died and 7 were injured.

The weather that night was so severe that none of the engineers working in the transmission centre were aware of the crash.

Several feet of snow hampered rescue efforts and a snow cat vehicle had to be diverted from the A6 to cut a path for emergency vehicles.
Burnden Park Disaster

On Wednesday 9th March and at the time was the worst tragedy in British football history.

33 Bolton Wanderers fans were crushed to death and further 400 injured.
The Bridgewater Canal

The Underground canal was built because of the Duke of Bridgewater's coal mines at Worsley.

The coal seams ran under the higher ground to the north.

The Duke's land agent, John Gilbert, saw that it was possible to connect the canal directly to the mines by way of an underground canal.

This in turn could be used to help with draining the mines, providing a source of water for the canal.

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