How Historic Bolton Began:

The website got started around 15 years ago, with just one contrubutor (MorphixNW), it was never intended as anything but a hobby, but quickly became a passion and very much a labour of love.

Many years of research from many different areas has slowly grown the website to what it has become, however, the work load has increased to the point whereby furher contributors are now onboard and active researchers.

Where We Are Now:

As mentioned above the shear amount of work that has suddenly and unexpectidly been uncovered, the webiste will hopefully grow even further.

New discoveries are now being made far more often and even more articles are now being published, we dont expect this to slow down anytime soon.

Meet The Team:

Aaron (Morphix)

Location: Bolton.

Biography: I have always been interested in history, not the war time stuff as such, but old buildings, maps, tunnels etc, I have spent many days exploring old building with groups of friends, as well as storm drains, tower cranes and just about every type of structure you can imagine.

Although I have spent a lot of time all over the UK, I am a Boltonian born and bred and my main interest will always ramain in Bolton.

I love to spend time in the library/archives looking for new leads and or researching existing lines of enquiry.


Location: Wigan (Formally Bolton).



Location: Bolton.

Biography: Contributor for Bolton North, and local amateur historian and source of knowledge for that area, but interested in local Bolton history in general.

Likes mostly subterranean Bolton, and especially the underground parts of the River Croal, and other water infrastructure. Love the history of Churchgate, especially The Old Man and Scythe pub.

When not looking at maps, or reading about local history, Alex likes rural rambling and looking for anything old and left behind, and drinking craft ales, and watching horror movies, and the odd urbex video on youtube.


Location: Bolton.


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