Introduction Into Wild Foraging

So what is foraging? In simple terms, its finding food free from the land, without price or cost of any kind.


  • (of a person or animal) search widely for food or provisions.
    "the birds forage for aquatic invertebrates, insects, and seeds"

  • obtain (food or provisions) by searching.
  • "a girl foraging grass for oxen"

  • search (a place) so as to obtain food.
    "units that were foraging a particular area"

The Dangers of Foraging

This part is really simple..... Research before you eat! Remember that wild food doesnt have a label.


I know this sounds blunt, but its the biggest lesson you will ever learn....

IT WILL mean the difference between LIFE and DEATH when it comes to Fungi (the wrong mushrooms can and will kill).

PLEASE refer to the Universal Edibility Test in order to test if any plant is edible or not.

Wild Food (Foraged)

As the seasons change, the types of food available will also change.

In autumn a huge amount of fruits and nuts begin to appear on trees and shrubs everywhere around us. Mostly feeding the birds and insects but also perfectly fit for human consumption.

Not only can these fruits be eaten directly from the source, but they can also become some very tasty treats and desserts.

Crab Apples and Blackberry often go unnoticed, however, they are very tasty to eat and it also doubles as a good outdoor pass time for the kids.

(Taraxacum Officinale)

Every single part of the Dandelion from the flower, all the way down to the roots are edible and well they also happen to be delicious.

The taste from a Dandelion is a slightly bitter green like arugula, however, the more matture the Dandelion is the more bitter it will become.

You can eat them fresh in salads or even cook them into a sautee or you can just be creative and discover the flavours for yourself.

Probably the most amazing thing you can do with Dandelions is..... You can turn it into homemade WINE.
(Alliaria Petiolata)

(Conopodium Majus)

Wild Garlic
(Allium Ursinum)

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